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Hello Minna-San! I’m here to blog you again about the anime I’ve watched this pass 6 Months. I’ve been searching for ROM-COM Anime (Romantic-Comedy) because I find it Interesting and not too boring.


(Watching RomCom Anime) Me: “Oh! What a happy ending, I’m so happy…”

So, I’ve found Fruits Basket, Lovely Complex, School Rumble, and my most favorite is Ouran High School Host Club!


Anime: Fruits Basket | Characters (Left to Right): Yuki Sohma, Tohru Honda, Kyo Sohma


Anime: Lovely Complex | Characters (Left to Right): Atsushi Otani, Risa Koizumi


Anime: School Rumble | Characters (Left To Right): Karasuma Oji, Akira Takano, Tenma Tsukamoto, Karen Ichijo, Yakumo Tsukamoto, Mikoto Suou, Sara Adiemus, Eri Sawachika, Kenji Harima


Anime: School Rumble | Characters (Left To Right): Kyoya Ootori, Tamaki Suoh, Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka, Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka, Hikaru Hitachiin, and Kaoru Hitachiin

The reason why I choose this one because it is my favorite anime from the rest of my life. Well, I just watched them last week and I started to get interested on their shows. This anime is really fascinating, romantic, tear-jerking, funny, and full of Kawaii-ness! This anime always makes me laugh like every night I watched them with my sisters and my mom tell me “Shanen, are you getting crazy? Who are you talking to?” And then, I explain it to her and suddenly she will laugh. My mom doesn’t like to watch anime but when she tends to listen to my stories she is almost giggling.


(This is how we laugh together with my mom and sisters)

My Favorite character is Honey-Senpai! He’s so adorable, like I want him to be my little brother in real life! An interesting fact about him is that he’s a hypotensive beast or a grouchy sloth who gets angry when he will be disturb in his sleep and he’s height is 4’9 (Whoo, I’m taller than him Hahaha!) He’s the champion of Judo and Karate and almost called the “Mass Production” of Japan! Isn’t he great? Also, he is the oldest club member in Host Club! Together with his quite cousin, Mori-Senpai who is a champion in Kendo. Both of them are in 3rd Year High School.

           Mori-and-Honey-ouran-high-school-host-club-19920555-640-480                264636_1247007601253_full

            2020484617a5752987327l              poorHoney-sempai

My second most favorite character is Kaouru and Hikaru Hitachiin! They are adorable too! Because they are brothers they always speak in sync which is more cooler! OMG! There Brotherly Love is really cute which most of the girls call them the “Forbidden Brotherly Love” I also want them to be my big brothers m(_ _;;m Why I was the Oldest Sister in our family?! I also want a Big Brother 😦 How absolutely sad.  Anyways, Hikaru who is always in the right side with left hair and always wear blue tops is the oldest but he is immature and unthoughtful because he cares for his younger brother than everyone else, especially when they are seperated. On the other side, Kaoru who is always in the left side with right hair and always wear brown or orange top is the youngest but he is more mature and thoughtful than his older brother, both of them has feelins to Haruhi, but Kaoru gave up Haruhi and gave her to his brother Hikaru. <//3 (Kaoru! I’m here don’t worry! lol!) Both of them are very evil to make pranks on someone when they are together.

        hikaru_and_kaoru_as_kids_by_koolcid13-d3a2c5o   Hikaru_x_Kaoru___POKE_by_yomoko     Hikaru-and-Kaoru-hikaru-and-kaoru-hitachiin-31302919-640-480       images (1)

Well, there are more interesting fact about Ouran High School Host Club between Fruits Basket! Do you know that Momiji and Honey-Senpai! Has the same dubber? Absolutely, yes! I already know ir from the beginning when I already finished Fruits Basket and the first time I saw Honey-Senpai! Isn’t it cool? The dubber was a girl  ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Well, if you didn’t know the story of Ouran High School Host Club click here to get the plot: OHSHC Plot

That’s all Minna-San! I Hope you like my blog!

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✿ The Return: Anime WordPress Asia ✿

Konnichiwa! Minna-San Watashi Wa Shanen Desu~ The manager of this Anime Word press Blog!

Well, I’m glad that I’d be able to update this again. Though, I have a goal in our T.L.E so I need to manage this again. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


“Oh, a goal!”

Literally, I’ve been busy this past few months especially in School and Church. In school, there are a lot of things that I should manage, most of all I’m the president of the class. I’ll share this feeling when you can’t handle the room’s atmosphere because it’s too noisy that you can’t concentrate in reviewing (▼へ▼メ)Too annoying.


“Everyone! How many times do I have to tell you to keep quite?!”

But the best thing about attending in school is that you’ll learn so many interesting stuff that can answer your curiosities, getting some rewards from all your hard work, eating foods during recess and lunch, and having a great time with your classmates inside the classroom! Yeeha~ Anyways, all of them are my Camaraderie~ Even though they are indeed goofballs or somewhat hypotensive beasts when you tell them to keep quite while they are having an absolute fun without teachers inside the classroom. *sighs* I told you I shouldn’t have been the president of this class. Although, I also become callous when I can’t handle their quacking mouths, it’s just that they’re getting too flunky.

PrintScreen LovCom

(Taking a Quiz) “Me: I hope my Classmates will continually behave just like this”

In Church, I should practice and memorize a lot of Hillsongs and practice vocalization, make some opening and closing prayers. But I have great friends who really helped me a lot along the way. I believe that God will never leave me do things unfinished and alone. 😀


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