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Screenshot 2014-06-10 22.04.11I proudly present to you our Anime Fan Club Page ! ! ! Actually, this is our very first page we’ve made on Facebook. At first we got 50 likes in 1 week, but as we keep posting and spreading our page with other Anime Pages we manage to got 400-500 likes every 3 days we are so happy that many Anime Freaks keep supporting and spreading our page especially to those Anime Pages who had more likes than us. They are very very humble! 😀 That’s why we are so glad that even though we had silly and goofy posts, many people still liked our page and keep suggesting what anime they wanted 🙂 But sadly we can’t manage our page anymore because of the Back To School. So maybe if we have free time we can manage to update our page to our visitors in our country, Philippines and other countries especially U.S.A, Thailand, and Mexico. Yay! (⌒▽⌒)☆ We didn’t expect that we’ll got 6,757 likes from you guys! Keep Supporting Anime World and also The Country of Anime Land Tokyo,Japan! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ Domo Arigatouuu! Bye-Biee!

Did You know? It’s already been 50 Years since Tokyo, Japan started making Anime Episodes.

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Back to school on June 17 2014 ! ! ! Well, I will gonna miss my summer vacation because it’s the month of my vacant time! Like watching anime whole day, updating my facebook page and having fun with my churchmates, families, and cousins. One of the most memorable summer vacation is that we went to my grandma’s province ( my mother’s side ) I really had fun because I almost saw alot of wonderful and fascinating view, I was like this O_O Hahahaha. Ok! So guys! I can’t update my Facebook Page because it’s school time it means study, review, homework.. ect. Hahaha! and also! Thank you so muucch! I got 6,000 Facebook Page Likes from you guys! Well, I’m not bragging I’m just showing my happiness 🙂 So See Yah guys next time just click this -> www.facebook.com/animefanclun to see my page on facebook about anime updates ofcourse 🙂 Well then, Farewell! Arigatou Goizaimasu Minna! Dyaaanee!

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